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Everything You Need to Know About TDS Internet Service in Illinois

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Illinois is one of the fastest-growing tech-friendly states in the U.S. and for good reason too. The state continues to grow in popularity as its prominent city of Chicago is touted to be a rising tech hub’ by Forbes. Although farming influences may still run deep and strong in the state of Illinois, the growing entrepreneurial culture is meant to attract industrial advancements to accelerate innovation and allow technological talent to grow.

The digital metamorphosis continues to churn the startup ecosystem, gradually taking it to the top, just like once Illinois was known for its first nationally televised presidential debate in the country.


Internet Services in Illinois

So you are thinking of switching to a new service provider. Or maybe you have decided to upgrade your current monthly plan? Are you thinking of jumping from DSL internet to Fiber Optic? Irrespective of what your reason is for making such a change, it can often exhaust someone who may be looking for quick solutions.

What’s more, mobile data may be feasible, especially if you fall under the category of internet-savvy millennial but it is technically not considered ideal in the long run.

And to be honest, a proper residential internet setup facilitates users with daily tasks; whether it is researching for a history paper, shopping online for your grandma’s birthday, or simply streaming live sports with your dad. More importantly, all this is impossible in the absence of a reliable internet connection.

Offering a diverse range of services, TDS Telecom offers a wide variety of digital services to around 1366 ZIP codes around the country. Considerably available in 27 states, TDS Telecom is said to offer DSL to Cable to Fiber internet access.

Nonetheless, it ultimately depends on user requirements, which vary according to different factors and are often interchangeable.

Maybe the preference is to opt for cable TV and cable internet service since it is more preferred. Or maybe you live in a rural area and would prefer to go wireless. No matter what you prefer, this utility is ultimately dependent upon the pricing plan available in the respective service range, which makes all the difference for the average digital user.

Read on to find out more about TDS Internet Service in Illinois as this information will help you make that final move!


About the ISP: TDS Telecom

Considered among the big guns of the telecom industry, Telephone and Data Systems, abbreviated as TDS was established in 1969.

This telecom company is known to deliver excellent TV, internet, and phone services to homes and business users in various locations. While it is known to rank high in the Top ISP List for its expansive DSL network coverage, its footprint is terrific, reaching approximately 2.2 million people in the country!

Seemingly, TDS Internet DSL has not lost its touch. It continues to be a high-speed service connection, which is still preferred over other coaxial or wireless options. Nonetheless, this isn’t the only option that TDS has. Its cable internet options are as spectacular as they are advertised, with the company staying true to its word!

Even though the provider is far more stretched over the rural landscape in comparison to the urban centers (it reaches 500,000+ people across the nation), customers can always rely on this ISP for quality services at exceptionally reasonable prices! What’s more, the various value-packed bundles are worth it for countless reasons.

Still, deliberating whether to opt for TDS internet or not? Read on to find out why it is worth every penny!


TDS Telecom in Illinois

Although TDS Telecom is conventional with its traditional list of services, TDS too is catching up with the changing times as it focuses on spreading out its fiber network.

The additional diversity in connections ensures that TDS internet plans come with various speed tiers available at an impressively economical price tag. What’s more, as users customize internet service plans ensuring that they are full of value for the average user, TDS Telecom ensures that the service never loses much-admired quality.

So irrespective of what you opt for: a bundled service plan such as home phone + cable TV monthly plan or internet + cable TV monthly package, each plan/package ensures that you receive good value for your money.


  • TDS proposes a two-year discount(s) on its monthly service bundles so that consumers never worry about feeling caged in a relationship that they don’t want to be in! Though not entirely true. Because there is a twist: the TDS contract places more restrictions on the provider, rather than the customer so that is something quite interesting.


  • According to the provider, a $10 discount is enabled on all stand-alone internet packages along with all internet + TV plans. Whereas a related $20 discount is provided on bundles that include all three services i.e. TV, internet, and landline phone.


  • Besides the standard discount plans that the provider has enabled for its users, households with a below-average wage can choose the Lifeline Program, which allows a select number of eligible applicants to receive a discount of $9.25 on their subscription.


Why Get TDS Telecom as Your Premium Internet Service Provider?

We listed all the ‘Here’s Why’ below:


  • Enjoy the Diversity of TDS Internet Speed Tiers

TDS offers a splendid range of speed tiers for its users. So whether you have a minimal usage range, that falls somewhere between 5 or Mbps to 15 Mbps or even more, the TDS DSL Speed Tiers cater to each user appropriately. On the other hand, the menu for TDS Fiber is extensive and allows lightning speeds on fiber-optic! The Extreme range that begins from Extreme25 and goes on up to 1 Gig Fiber tier ensures that all your extravagant internet needs are fulfilled.


  • TDS: Data Cap-free Internet

Data allowance usually varies from one provider to another. And is a strong deciding factor when users are thinking of jumping from one service provider to another. With TDS Telecom, users can have a few options to select from! For instance, if customers opted for TDS Cable internet or the fiber optic counterpart, then the monthly data allowance is unlimited for the upcoming month.


On the other hand, customers opting for a high-speed DSL subscription are given a data allowance of 250GB per month. While some users may find the data allowance of 250GB to be minimal but something is always better than nothing. After all, it does offer viewers a good few hours of seamless streaming!


  • TDS Wi-Fi+ Erases Dead Internet Spots in Your Home

Have you been the recipient of really sloppy internet recently while you were streaming the end part of your favorite season? Well, you no longer have to feel that disappointed again. The extra fast TDS Wi-Fi+ brings Mesh power home, so you will never be frustrated with the latest in WiFi tech while you enjoy the latest shows, movies, and documentaries on TDS Cable TV.


With Wi-Fi beacons placed at strategic positions around the house, don’t be surprised if you find signals boosted. Utilizing extra beacons will supplement your service and strengthen your overall TDS Wi-Fi further.


Control the service via the app to get more coverage out of your nifty device today!


  • Quality Protection With Online Storage + Support

Most ISPs now offer extra security features, which ensure that all kinds of digital safety issues and related dangers can be halted in their tracks! The TDS Hacker Alert makes sure that maximum connected gadgets and devices, within the select network, are optimally safe from malware, viruses, and all kinds of spam.


To be on the safe side, if the suspicious activity does take place, the provider will immediately be notified, so that drastic action can instantly take place! On the other hand, the 200GB cloud storage offers a benefit different from its competitors!


In addition to this, the 24/7 TDS Customer Support ensures that you never have to worry about your provider issues.


The Final Word


So while TDS Telecom continues to spread its fantastic range of services to various areas across the country, this is one provider that’s difficult to ignore! Nonetheless, if TDS Telecom is inaccessible in your area, then you can try other ISPs as well. Just log in to the official BuyTVInternetPhone website and select a provider that offers a reliable connection for a decent price in your area. Hurry now!



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