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Google Chrome is the most used browser on the planet, with a market share of roughly 69 percent.

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This means that almost all Amazon sellers use it on a regular basis. Chrome is a fantastic browser, but many Amazon merchants are unaware of its potential. By installing the right Amazon seller Chrome extensions, you can improve the browser’s capabilities. You will be able to connect with customers and increase revenue as a result of this.

A large range of Amazon chrome extensions is available online to support this. The prices, features, and benefits of each extension vary.

Let’s take a look at them!

Best Amazon Chrome Extensions To Try


  • Jungle Scout Extension

Jungle Scout, one of the most powerful Amazon chrome extensions, simplifies product research by providing a bulk review, keyword volume, and real-time sales data and profit metrics.

Sellers can use this to quickly learn about product pricing, competition, and potential.

The extension is included in all pricing plans that come with Jungle Scout deals at $49 per month.


  • Keepa

Keepa Keepa provides access to price history charts and other information for over a billion Amazon products. You can set up price decrease notifications to get notified when there are changes.

This is a fantastic tool for keeping your prices competitive. It only takes a few mouse clicks to view the pricing history of similar items throughout time. This is a strong insight that can assist you in staying ahead of the competition.


  • Helium 10 Chrome Extension

 Helium 10 assists Amazon sellers in exponentially developing their FBA business and its Chrome plugin is included with the free membership. An Amazon seller must constantly select the best keyword for the products they are listing. The Helium 10 addon assists you in selecting the best keyword for the correct product. X-ray is another name for the Helium 10 extension.


  • Amazon FBA keyword research tool

Amazon employs algorithms that differ from those employed by search engines such as Google. Keyword research can be difficult because Amazon does not employ the same algorithms as search engines such as Google. It’s a lot easier to manage if you have the Amazon FBA Keyword Tool.

This Amazon seller extension provides keyword information exclusive to Amazon. You can also get keyword suggestions and learn how competitive certain keywords are to help you make better judgments about driving traffic to listings.


  • AMZ Scout Pro

AMZScout can assist you in identifying a profitable niche in which to begin selling on Amazon. Using the AMZScout pro extension, you can identify the greatest products to sell and profit from. It’s also one of the most popular Amazon seller Chrome addons. To utilize it, you must acquire the AMZScout pro addon.


The AMZScout Pro extension has the following features:

  • Find more about the most recent product trends.
  • Estimate your revenue and sales.
  • Details on the product and its ranking
  • Examine the quality of the listings.


  • Mozbar Chrome Extension

 MozBar enables you to increase your Amazon business by leveraging the creator’s marketing skills. This plugin will allow you to count the number of links that lead to a given Amazon page.

You can examine which sites connect to your products and who links back to your competitors. This can help you determine whether or not you want to contact a site to request a link and spread the word about products.


  • Unicorn Smasher

There are two different versions of Unicorn Smasher. You can do research on a product with the help of the free version. With this tool, you can start to beat up on your competitors. This Chrome Add-on was made by Amztracker. You can start looking for the best products to sell in the niche you’ve chosen.

It gives you a well-organized dashboard that will help you keep track of your AMZ product research.


  • Amachete

Amachete can help global Amazon merchants because it provides a comprehensive research and marketing tool.

Sellers can get the average statistics of hourly ranks and inventory tracker using this extension.

Sellers can gain data on reviews, profitability margins, and much more for a small monthly fee before diving into their Amazon private label business.

It provides a free 14-day trial after which you can decide whether or not to continue with it.


  • Viral Launch extension

In terms of data metrics, Viral Launch is regarded as the second-most accurate tool after Jungle Scout. Market Intelligence is a Viral Launch Chrome plugin that is a must-have for any vendor. It might assist you in better understanding the markets and your competition. You may get started with this Chrome Extension by downloading the free Viral Launch trial.

You get access to historical monthly sales and revenue trends.


  • Meta SEO Chrome Extension

Meta SEO Inspector is a tool that can assist you in optimizing your listing’s SEO. After visiting an Amazon product page, you can click the button to access a wealth of information. This will tell you if your titles and descriptions are long enough, as well as which keywords are being used, allowing you to optimize your content.

You can also utilize the tool to look at the listings of your competitors. If you want to figure out why others perform better than you, this is an excellent place to start.


What is Amazon Chrome Extension?

As an Amazon seller, you would benefit from taking advantage of all opportunities to enhance sales and stay competitive. Typically, sellers concentrate on conventional options.

It is possible that the most valuable items are the best ones. Each Amazon seller has unique objectives and requirements, thus Chrome extensions may be more advantageous for some than others. You may still get a sense of the available extensions by perusing the Chrome extensions sold by Amazon’s top vendors. You can then opt to add the extensions you believe will be most advantageous for your organization, or you can utilize the information to conduct the additional study.



Amazon Chrome Extensions are becoming important parts of an FBA business. Because of this, it’s very important to get the right Chrome Extension. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, Helium 10 X-ray, and Viral Launch Market Intelligence are the Amazon Chrome extensions we recommend. All of the Chrome extensions on this list can help your business grow by a huge amount.

With these Amazon Chrome extensions, I hope you’ll be able to find the best one for your business.





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